Lamorresi with rum 

Chocolate pralines at the end of the meal or at any time of the day.

The lamorresi with rum are chocolate pralines whose name comes from our town, the place where they are produced (La Morra). They are fancy delicacies for any time of the day and especially at the end of the meal. They are to be tried and tasted calmly, because their taste is not ordinary, it is sophisticated even if it is very pleasing if you love the desserts made with quality ingredients. The ingredients, which are accurately selected, are: the finest chocolate to make the pralines delicious, the finest hazelnuts from Piedmont to make them exquisite, the rum to make them sophisticated, the fresh milk to make them soft and blended, sugar to make them sweet, fresh egg yolks to give consistence and taste. This rich and important filling is enclosed in a dark chocolate shell to preserve their flavour.