Lamorresi with Barolo grappa by Giovanni Cogno

Pralines with Barolo grappa at any time of the day

The Lamorresi with Barolo grappa by Giovanni Cogno are delicious pralines with fine chocolate and hazelnuts from Piedmont. They are made with the traditional products from Piedmont: the PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont and the Barolo grappa. They are fancy delicacies which must be calmly tasted. The result is a unique moment rich in taste. The flavour of these delicacies is not ordinary, and the presence of grappa gives the palate a tingling, which enhances the sweet taste of the finest chocolate.

The ingredients of the very good Lamorresi with Barolo grappa by Cogno Giovanni are always top quality and represent the result of an accurate selection: fine chocolate for sweetness and pleasure, hazelnuts from Piedmont for the traditional flavour, Barolo grappa, milk to blend, sugar and fresh yolks to give consistence to an inimitable filling. This delicacy is protected by a dark chocolate shell, which preserves the flavours of a perfect dessert.